Mechanical Technology Educator Support

Dear Colleagues

Please find the download file below a register that already have the formulas inserted for maintaining an electronic register in your class. All you have to do is to insert learners names and classes and then use the keys to indicate in each cell what you want to record for e.g a or A for Absent. It will automatically total on the left hand the number of times such learners was recorded.

Download “Admin-Register.xlsx” Admin-Register.xlsx – Downloaded 361 times – 151 KB

The following download is to assist with the calculation of Bloom’s Taxonomy for Mechanical Technology Specialisation subjects. You enter the question number by completing the the column with for example 1. with 1.3 and the next column with the total of the question. It will automatically calculate then at the end your weighting.

Download “Blooms.xlsx” Blooms.xlsx – Downloaded 250 times – 20 KB

Blooms Afrikaans (Pdf)

Download “Blooms-Afr.pdf” Blooms-Afr.pdf – Downloaded 166 times – 27 KB